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Call/email us to book now: +44(0)203 086 9899 info@yogasphere.eu

Win a yoga retreat worth £1,466


Come join us and practice yoga weekly in beautiful venues in London, with all props provided for you so there is minimum hassle. You don't even have to think about towels and toileteries! In order to ensure your space, and have your mat laid out ready for you, it is advised to book online in advance. Although if you are feeling spontaneous and want to turn up, we will always do our best to make space for you.

The View from The Shard, yoga classes, London Bridge


While yogis of past have tried to levitate to higher spheres, Yogasphere are literally bringing you a seat in the sky to practice yoga with us! Yogasphere and The View from The Shard are proud to bring our clients sky high yoga classes. Join Leo + Mandy exclusively at The Shard, London.


At a height of 1,016ft (310m), The Shard is the tallest building in Europe, and is a dynamic symbol of London's skyline, recognisable throughout the world. It's designed by Architect Renzo Piano.


Our weekly yoga classes are situated in The View, the visitor attraction at the top of The Shard. It's almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in London. All mats provided for your use and its a great way to kick start your weekend or trip to London. We recommend you bring your smartphone, prepared to capture the stunning views! Our yoga classes here offer unrivalled 360 degree views over London for up to 40 miles!


You will get additional time to view before class and after, the class itself is from 8.30-9.30am. Our clients may also ascend to the highest accessible point of The Shard, Level 72, an open-air viewing platform exposed to the elements and sounds of the city below, offering the chance to gaze up to the shards of glass that form the top of the sculptural building as they disappear into the sky. On hotter days, we run the classes/meditation in the open air area if its not too windy! Remember to post your pose #peakpose


'Memorable yoga classes with renowned yogis Mandy and Leo from Yogasphere'- Grazia Magazine


'The ultimate Zen thrill. If a double expresso won't wake you up first thing in the morning, then yoga, 800ft above London will"' - The Mail on Sunday


'The Shard has announced yoga classes 1,016 feet above ground level and, once studios the city over caught wind of it, everybody wants in on the action. If you’re prepared to pay the £40 fee, you’ll get unrivalled views over London stretching as far as Windsor Castle and the Thames Estuary. While you contemplate the view, top instructors from Yogasphere, a company specialising in yoga at beautiful venues, are on hand to help you gain a metaphorically new perspective on city life'.

The Evening Standard


"Top yoga instructors Mandy and Leo will guide you though an open-level calming yoga class - complete with 360-degree views over the capital. Studies show going to high altitude could lead to weight loss'- Women's Health Magazine


'Yogasphere's classes are out of this stratosphere' - Time Out


'Yoga’s all about elevating the mind to a higher plane, but if you truly want to get your om on amongst the clouds, here’s your chance'. -Travel & Leisure Magazine



'Yogasphere brings you summer sky high yoga, providing fantastic and fully panoramic views from the World famous Shard. Breath taking views of the surrounding scenery. This is the closest experience to flying over London in a helicopter !' Macs Magazine


'Mandy Jhamat One of the UK's Top Yoga Teachers' - Marie Claire Magazine


'Yogasphere what a great name! It’s just the kind of club I’d like to belong to' - Oprah Winfrey


'Stepping out of the lift and seeing the rest of the world below me was exciting enough. Damn, that is high. I chose a mat close to the floor to ceiling windows to get the most of the breath-taking views and sat cross legged on the floor as Leo started taking us through the postures. As wonderfully distracting as it was see the entirety of the capital city below, as I tried to maintain a one-legged tree pose, it was conversely that insane physical elevation from the rest of London that helped me focus my practice. From the 68th floor that big bad world below looked small. All those nigling doubts and worries that plague you everyday? They also became small. Distant and irrelevant for those 60 precious minutes. Becoming physically detached from the city and all the good and bad that’s associated with the daily grind allowed me to become quickly centred and grounded because I was literally on top of the madness and the chaos. Floating, as calm as the clouds that were hazily and casually passing around us. I was literally soaring as high as the sky, and the feeling didn’t leave me as I sailed back down to earth and carried on with my day, joining the rest of the world at rush hour. They hadn’t noticed I had ever left, but to me, I’d been a world away.



Date/Times: Saturday's 08:30 (1hr) check in by 08.15 includes viewing time before and after class. (Please arrive early). 

Level: Open Level Class


Price, click to book: £40 advance booking only  5Class Pass Yoga £175 (£25 discount)

Corporate Group Events - Private Yoga classes in The Shard with Leo + Mandy up to £6,900 (+VAT)


Location: The View from the Shard,

Joiner Street,




The View from The Shard is just outside London Bridge tube/train station. The entrance is on Joiner Street, just off St Thomas’ Street. From the upper concourse, take the escalator beside The Shard down to Joiner Street. A member of Yogasphere will be there to greet you.


Closest Station: London Bridge (1 mins), London Bridge Rail Station (3mins), Bank (14min), Monument (10min)


Click for map and directions

The Albany Club yoga classes, Regents Park


This unique private member health club provides a quiet oasis from the bustling West End, perfect for the classes led by Leo Lourdes and Mandy Jhamat.

Yoga mats, towels and shower facilities are provided and you can also indulge in a complimentary steam.  Spa treatments are also available additionally upon request from our resident massage therapists (bookings are required in advance for treatments)


Leo specialises in hatha yoga, particularly vinyasa flow classes. As a Harley street therapist and coach, Leo creates a naturally relaxed and inspiring environment in classes to explore and create awareness within the body.  His classes offer you a deep immersion into a dynamic flow-type practice to energise, restore and recharge yourself.


Mandy’s teaching reflects her interest in Yin and Yang practices to help you feel balance and ease in your body.  You will benefit from active sequences to cultivate strength and flexibility as well as longer held poses to help open areas of tightness and aid relaxation.


Monday's 07:30(1hr), 17:30 (1hr),18:30(1hr)

Tuesday's 07:30am(1hr) 

Wednesday's 07:30(1hr), 17:30(1hr), 18:30(1hr)

Thursday's 07:30(1hr),19:30(1.25hr)

Fridays 07:30(1hr), 12:30(50min),18:15(1.25)

Sunday's 18:30(1.25hr)


Level: Open Level Class

Price: £13 advanced booking only to guarantee space. 


Block booking

5 classes £60(20% saving) 

10 classes £110(27% saving) 

25 classes £250(33% saving)

50 classes £450(40% saving)

100 classes £800(47% saving)


Price, click to book: £13 advance booking only
 5 passes £60, 10 passes £11025 passes £250, 50 passes £450 and 100 passes £800 


Location: The Albany Club, Regents Park 

The Albany Club,

Saint Bedes Hall (off Albany Street)




Closest Station: Great Portland Street (3 mins), Regents Park, Warren Street (5 mins) Oxford Circus/Euston (12 mins)


Click for map and directions

Mindbody yoga classes, Harley Street, W1 


Enjoy a weekly restorative yoga wellbeing class with yoga teacher and therapist Leo Lourdes.  With gentle stretches and ample time for you to settle into relaxation, this intimate class helps you explore yoga and philosophical themes that will assist you in your life.


In this class you will explore breathwork such as pranayama and meditation techniques. You will learn powerful techniques to be able to release untapped potential by working with your whole mind and body. Alongside positive psychology and Leo's 12 years experience as London's leading life coach, the class draws inspiration from fields such as ancient techniques like raja yoga and modern ones inspired by pioneers such as Bo Forbes, Dr Richard Bandler and NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming). The class is a great way to invest into building your own emotional intelligence toolkit.


Through discussion of inspirational principles from tantra, positive psychology and buddhism, this class will renew not just your body but also your spirit for the week ahead. A simple and delightful way to set the tone and give yourself the space to rest and revive amidst city life.



Tuesday's 18:45(1hr),19:50(1hr)

Friday's 18:30(1.25hr)

Saturday's 14:30(1.25hr), 16:00(1.25hr)

Sunday's 14:30(1.25hr), 16:00(1.25hr)


Level: Open Level Class

Price: £20 advanced booking only


Price, click to book: £20 advance booking only

Blocks 5 classes + 1 coaching £165 /10 classes + 5 coaching £580



Location: No 10 Harley Street 

10 Harley Street




Closest Station: Bond Street (3 mins), Oxford Circus (2 mins) Great Portland Street (8mins), Regents Park (5mins) 


Click for map/directions


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