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'Really nice studio in Hampstead and very good and tiring class taught by the helpful and approachable Leo.'.

Beatrix Gerencser


'Professional and organised with high quality instruction of the class.'.

Becky Garner


'Professional, comprehensive and fun'.

Becky GarnerBelle Williams


'Professional, comprehensive and fun'.

Belle Williams


'It's a joy to attend yogasphere classes and  I look forward to going to  my yoga class with Mandy'.

Belma Lugic


'Friendly staff, great instructor :)'.

Ben Garfield


'Interesting locations + top quality instructor'.

Ben Greer


'The whole experience was well worth the effort for me. I live in Kent and therefore it meant an early morning start on a Saturday . I really enjoyed the yoga and everybody involved with Yogasphere were very nice, professional and helpful.  I would definitely recommend Yogasphere to friends and family.  A great start to my weekend'.

Beni Jacob


'The founders and really lovely and the classes aren't too scary (i.e. they talk you through it and don't expect you to know everything).'.

Beth Skelton


'Really well organised experience and a lovely class with an amazing view. Thank you:-)'.

Bev Alderson


'Friendly and welcoming atmosphere leading up to and during class.'.

Bodean Tiernan


'Yoga on the shard will forever be a treasured memory of ours. We got engaged following class, and the instructors made the experience extra special'.

Brandon Morgan


'I love my 6.30 Wednesday class , I have never done yoga before but I am really feeling the benefits and the teacher is amazing.'.

Brenda Coxall


'All very professional and very well organised!'.

Brenda McCooey


'I haven't done yoga for a long time, and was excited to start with a class in a different but beautiful space, with a caring, interesting, passionate instructor.'.

Caitlin Plunkett


'I loved the view and the atmosphere of the class'.

Camilla Gobourn


'Everything is made to make you feel comfortable and at ease : the teacher is lovely and always happy too answer questions, the place is pretty and very clean, and the class is great for everyone. Even for newbies, the teacher will offer an easier alternative to a difficult pose and make sure everyone is ok! A great experience !'.

Camille Dumont


'The experience, the sense of humour of the teacher'.

Camille Filiol


'The instructors were fantastic. I am pregnant and received clear alternatives to poses not suitable for me just now. Also at the end of the class I was give some poses to practice regularly to help with pregnancy. I am so impressed and would recommend to anyone.'.

Carol Watson


'Did yoga in The Shard - great location and view - the  yoga was good and for all levels.   1 or 2 times I did not understand the instruction  and the  second teacher struggled as well.  however only a minor point - rest was great'.

Carola Wiegand


'The session at the Shard was amazing! I'm definitely a yoga convert now!'.

Caroline Ford


'Amazing value for money flexibility with length of time you can use voucher lots of classes good after work time great teacher easy to use app freedom to cancel up to day before nice vibe in class'.

Caroline Mckinnon


'Everything about the experience was fantastic, the organisation, the class itself, the teaching, the view, the goody bag, I couldn't fault any of it and want to do it all again!'.

Caroline Pearl


'I like the friendliness of the instructors and the variety of venues and times offered to clients'.

Caroline Strobridge


'Ease of booking. Expert teaching'.

Catherine Busson


'Both the instructors and the other staff were extremely nice and helpful.'.

Catherine Draper


'The teachers are very good and space is reasonable, nice that the mats are left our for you, only downside for me is the timetable as it's for 9-5ers..'.

Catherine Mobley


'Excellent instructor, well organised, fun and friendly'.

Catrin Mascall


'Unique experience, Mandy is an AMAZING instructor, I always feel so calm when I leave her classes!.'.

Chantal Piper


'Quality of the instructors'.

Charlie Brown


'The open level of the class (led by an amazing yoga instructor) that made everyone feel able and welcome to experience yoga in incredible places.'.

Charlotte Barnes


'We had a brilliant time doing your yoga class at the top of the Shard, the views were spectacular and it made for a great start to the day'.

Charlotte Downes


'The email and text reminders are really helpful. Very well organised classes, and the teachers are great.'.

Charlotte Whitbread


'Good classes and nice teachers'.

Charlotte Wiseman


'Friendly, helpful tutor. Exercises tailored for all level of experience. Amazed a class that size could feel so personal. Thanks!'.

Cheryl Gardner


'Everything! It was suitable for mixed ability. Leo was helpful, informative and a good laugh'.

Chloe Hendy


'I loved this class! The teacher (Leo) was so friendly and funny. It made the class much easier and he was helping out a lot so that we got our positions correct'.

Chloe Mendis


'Instructor (Olivia) was great. It was a mixed level class but she managed to have something in there for everyone. Facilities in Hampstead were good as well'.

Chris Elliott


'Amazing location, nice, friendly class'.

Christine Pugh


'Friendly teachers, steam room in the ladies changing room'.

Ciro Capuano


'Quality of classes,venues, teachers and the schedule is very widespread'.

Clare Langford


'The class was great and I liked the surreal feeling of being in the sky'.

Claudia Keenlyside


'Excellent teachers, a fantastic variety of yoga practice and an easy to use portal.Yoga made easy and really good value for money'.

Claudine Eastwood


'I really liked Olivia who took the class on Saturday. The location was nice and very clean with good services available.'.

Claudine Reese


'Loved the atmosphere. The yoga tutors were brill and the guy was humorous too. Plus we weren't rushed into leaving afterwards. I thought it was a fantastic experience'.

Colin Hickman


'Prompt, friendly response to phone & email enquiries. organisation of class at The Shard very efficient on the day made it very enjoyable experience'.

Colin Hills


'A great yoga experience for regular practitioners or those new to yoga.'.

Cora Green


'The venue was amazing. A great way to visit The Shard and combine the experience of yoga with that skyline. The combination of movements was very good, offering a complete body workout. The pace was a little fast for me, only as I like to go slow and concentrate on moving with my breathe. All the staff were very polite and friendly'.

Coral Horn


'Different tutors at various locations; I love Natalie Morrison, Olivia Marley and Jasmine Pradhan - they have a lot of knowledge about the human body and how it works, what we should feel in different poses and they explain this very clearly to us. Also, their classes are a good workout and I do engage my muscles a lot, which is what I want (rather than just focussing on the breath in a relaxed position and falling asleep)'.

Corina Preda


'It is amazing!'.

Daiane Prochnow Basco


'Amazing venue and good instructors'.

Dan Hobbs


'As an absolute beginner I've found the classes very welcoming and clearly instructed. It's plenty challenging but not prohibitively so. There's a nice relaxed atmosphere, which is exactly what I was hoping for!'.

Dan Jones


'Jasmine is the best yoga teacher I've had- she's got an amazing energy and I always leave in the best mood and feeling very relaxed.'.

Danielle Slorach


'It was a convenient and friendly service. I am happy with the whole package and have recommended to a friend of mine.'.

Danyang Zhu









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