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Ecology and The Moon

Every year International Yoga Day falls on the summer solstice. For generations people and cultures have paid homage to The Sun and its power to provide vital energy that provides harvests of abundance. In yoga, the Sun is the divine masculine.

The Moon -  divine feminine is seen to not have her own light and her vast luminance and gentle power is often misunderstood and undervalued. The Moon transmutes the power of the Sun, her magnetic reach is able to power the tides of the oceans. Her invisible energy is able to affect the growth of crops and female ovulation.

The ecology of this planet, Gaia depends on our ability to attune with the compassion of Moon and not only the power of Sun. Masculine Sun opened up the earth's possibilities, The Moon opens up the stars and space above. Each tree you have planted through doing yoga with us and will plant is part of a living history and heritage you are creating with Yogasphere. We believe our generation are here to help bring the earth and its ecology back into balance.

This year Yogasphere is paying homage to Sun and Moon. Join us for our 2017 International Yoga Day Weekend celebration at The Shard
 on 24th - 25th June with bespoke workshops created for you to explore nature and its relationship to our nature.


Escape the mad rush of exhibitions and yoga events and join Yogasphere for an intimate journey of  Self at our home - Europe's highest urban mountain, The Shard. 


Wishing you well,

Leo + Mandy
Yogasphere Founders




BEST VALUE : International Yoga Day Weekend Workshop Pass

Saturday 24th June - Saturday 25th June 


Choose from any 2 workshops across the International Yoga Day Weekend + complimentary cold pressed juice made by The Healthy Juice Company at Yogasphere, Level 24, The Shard and immerse yourself to breathtaking views of the city.

Choose from any 2 of the following workshops.

Saturday 24th June 2017

10.30am  Dynamic Alignment Flow workshop with Jelka

12pm       Find Your Balance workshop with Jelka

3pm         Solar into Lunar Yoga Workshop with founder Leo

Sunday 25th June

12pm      Rhythmic Flow Yoga Workshop + Sounds Bath with founder Mandy + Chai

2.30pm   Open to Intuition Yin Yoga Workshop with Natalie

5pm        Spectrum of Emotions Yoga Workshop with Mandy + mycoocoon

Includes attendance to juice talk with Rosie founder of The Healthy Juice company.


MOST POPULAR - International Yoga Day Weekend + Eco Mat + Juice

Saturday 24th June - Sunday 25th June 

All the benefits of the weekend workshop pass as above plus a 4mm Yogasphere Eco Mat, thinner, lighter and improved grip over our studio versions, these are biodegradable and 100% recyclable

Mats are delivered to your home or office. Choose from the following colours below:

Lagoon     Indigo     Sunrise     Orchid    Cranberry     Earth

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Schedule Saturday 24th June 2017

Shard of Light - Yoga Class at the top of The Shard


Saturday 24th June 8.15am

Join our founder Leo Lourdes who is flying in from Yogasphere Maldives to kickstart the International Yoga Day 2017 weekend at the very top of The Shard at The View from The Shard. Giving you stunning views for 40miles of London skyline, Leo will guide you through a breathtaking class that has become the ecological pilgrimage to the top of The Shard, our urban mountain.


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Dynamic Alignment Flow Workshop

Saturday 24th June 10.30am 

Set with morning sunrise views over London's skyline at Yogasphere the Shard (level 24), join our senior teacher Jelka for a workshop to refine your form during dynamic classes.

Explore how to achieve balance between the front and the back of the body, the right and the left side and how to establish the central spinal axis to create balance of the chakras and bridge the gap between the creative and rational mind. Focused on Svādhyāya (study of the self) as a tool for introspection we will observe how to move with awareness and poise opening new horizons for self-growth and development.  Often in dynamic vinyasa classes we lose our form; drawing from Iyengar yoga we work with principles that help you maintain form to keep your practice both safe, deep and challenging. A well-aligned physical body leads to a well-aligned spiritual body.


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Find Your Balance workshop

Saturday 24th June 12.00pm

Set over midday views of London's sundial, Yogasphere The Shard (level 24), join our senior teacher for this 2hr workshop.

The Sun, Moon and Earth dance through gravity. When our own centre of gravity is aligned with the Earth's we experience balance. The steadiness of our body grounds our mind, our perception is broadened and a wealth of possibilities opens up. But balance does not only mean standing on your feet – you can balance on your head, on your hands, sitting bones or even forearms, allowing your body and mind to become one.


This workshop will explore different groups of balancing asanas including standing ones and inversions. Starting with a dynamic Surya Namaskar variations we will dive deep into some of the most iconic Yoga balancing poses including Vrksasana (Tree) Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance), Sirsasana (Head Stand), Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance).


This workshop is not appropriate for those with neck, shoulder or back injuries. General practitioners welcome. Being able to achieve Sirsasana (headstand) is desirable but not essential.

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Guide Your Gut - Digestion and Juice

Saturday 24th June 2.30pm

In this talk or brand partner and founder of Healthy Juice Company Rosie explain how juicing works in the body. How we can aid it during sitting, whilst eating, relax whilst eating, and when not eat to late.She explains about good bacteria and how juice cleansing help our digestion. All attendees of any workshop on the weekend have one juice included.


Saturdays juice is. Wheatgrass Wakener Ingredients: Cucumber 43%, apple 31%, celery 9%, romaine 5%, spinach5%,wheatgrass 3%, mint 2%, lemon 2% This super green, chlorophyll rich cold pressed juice is packed with B vitamins including B12, rarely found in plants, which takes care of red blood cell formation as well as fighting tiredness and fatigue and supporting our energy-yielding metabolism. Vitamin C – the super antioxidant and internal housekeeper – protects our cells from oxidative stress whilst forming collagen to maintain healthy skin, bones, teeth and gums. 

This talk is complimentary for all clients booked in to attend on Saturday 24th June.

Solar into Lunar Yoga Workshop

Saturday 24th June 3.00pm

Join our Yogasphere founder Leo Lourdes who in this 2 hour workshop will lead you through a practice workshop where you learn to use the principles of The Sun and The Moon reflectiveness.

Opening with a satsang and discourse, Leo will share with you yogic principles that underpin both Sun (Solar) and Moon (lunar) based yoga practices. You will be lead through a creative re-interpretation of the Sun and Moon Salutations in a way that is harmony with the organs, the principles of alignment for the body and the flow of energy (prana).

This workshop has especially been created for you to understand the balance of nature and ecology and our own personal nature is reliant upon a balance of both Masculine and Feminine and the flow of ida and pingala. Moreover its given you the basis to transform your inner relationship with your self and therefore others.

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Schedule Sunday 25th June 2017

Rhythmic Flow Yoga Workshop + Sound Bath

Sunday 25th June 12.00pm

Set over beautiful views over London's skyline at Yogasphere The Shard (level 24), be led by our founder Mandy Jhamat to a Rhythmic Flow.  

The concept of the 'opposite' is not mirrored in nature but only in the mind. Life is a rhythm, a flow, a continuum. In this class we focus on the play of opposites, explore how to find our own natural rhythm in our vinyasa practice and other rhythmic movements to release and connect.  We end our flow lying down with a healing sound bath by Chai Holistic Sound Therapist.


Enjoy the musical vibrations to relax and soothe using singing bowls, chimes and tuning percussion for the ultimate zen. Chai has a strong musical background, and since graduated as sound therapist in 2013 has been offering group sound baths giving a relaxing and re-charging sound immersion. 

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Guide your Gut: Detoxification + Juice

Sunday 24th June 1.45pm

This talk is complimentary for all clients booked in to attend on Sunday 25 June. Join our brand partner Healthy Juice Company founder Rosie on her talk on detoxification. Learn what are toxins and where do they come from. How do we absorb them and what is detoxing? She will share with you tips on how juicing cleanses and help us to detox. You are treated to 1 juice for each workshop you attend. Pineapple, cucumber mint Organic ingredients: pineapple 44%, cucumber 35%, courgette 13%, apple 4%, mint 3%,lime This refreshing digestive is a source of the super antioxidant vitamin C which helps to protect cells from oxidative stress whilst supporting the immune system and encouraging collagen formation for healthy skin, teeth and gums. Manganese supports a healthy energy-yielding metabolism, whilst helping to keep bones in tip top condition.th June.

Open to Intuition Yoga Workshop

Sunday 25th June 2.30pm

Set with stunning views over London's skyline at Yogasphere the Shard (level 24), join our senior teacher Natalie for a 2hr yin kundalini inspired workshop.

Open up the centres of intuition and compassion in the body and to really imbed the fragmented energy between summer and winter in order to help to create more bliss in our own and others’ lives. As International Yoga Day starts from the summer solstice this the perfect practice to understand how the seasons move and affect you through the practice. 

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Spectrum of Emotions Yoga Workshop

Sunday 25th June 5.00pm

Set with majestic views over London's skyline at Yogasphere the Shard (level 24). The first of its kind, our founder Mandy Jhamat has teamed up with mycoocoon colour wellbeing experts.  This workshop will use the revolutionary mycoocoon light wall to bathe you a spectrum of coloured light healing.

Starting with a colour test from mycoocoon to establish your personal colour, you will be guided through a yoga practice to explore evoking and balancing our emotions with the corresponding colour through the flow of prana in the body.  Moving from cleansing turquoise to passionate and loving red/pink and into calming blues. The practice ends with a meditation to rejuvenate our energetic body with a colour immersion of healing energy. This journey of senses includes scents from Scentered to awaken our chakra energy centres and herbal tea after class from Positivitea to match your personal colour over London skyline reaches dusk around you


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Yogasphere Affirmation Competition

For the first time ever we are going to give you a chance to share a positive affirmation or thought you have created and share it on our Yogasphere App on International Yoga Day. Our free app is available of Apple App Store and Android


We will choose the winner with the most beautiful thought to be our affirmation on that special day - International Yoga Day (21st June 2017).  Enter your affirmation to be considered and you will find out on International Yoga Day if your affirmation has been chosen. 


On the 21st June, if your affirmation has been chosen, we will have a complete brand take over where our logo will be redesigned, website will be redesigned and replaced with your name.


We will even answer our phones using your name. And yes you can get all your friends to call in just for fun! Our media reaches million across the globe and for the whole day of International Yoga Day, Yogasphere could be replaced with your name!

With Thanks