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Countdown Until Lamu Yoga Festival Starts!

4th - 8th March 2020

Ticket A  (includes: classes & workshops, festival present, Swahili dinner, sunset dhow sail Book Accommodation Here 

Ticket B  (includes: classes & workshops, festival present) Book Accommodation Here

VIP Ticket  (includes: classes & workshops, festival present, 1 private yoga session + 1 Private Life Coaching Positive Psychology Session with Leo Lourdes) Book Accommodation Here

FESTIVAL GOERS - pre-reserve your

complimentary Yogasphere water carrier

Yogasphere + Lamu Yoga are helping reduce pollution in the ocean. By providing our recyclable foldable bottles for this event, we are making sure festival yogi's do not need to use plastic mineral water bottles + can can take the carrier with them home easily after the festival. You can fill up at all the water points throughout the festival.

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