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The Five Elements

"The essence of all beings is Earth.  The essence of the Earth is Water.  The essence of Water is plants.  The essence of plants is the human being."

Chandogad Upanishad


Panch-Maha-Bhuta ... Five-Great-Elements


Looking at nature, the five elements make up all of existence and Ayurveda observes these in the body.  Explore the relationship between the elements in our body and how we can purify and re-balance these through the yoga practices.  You will spend time on each element to understand its function, purpose and affect on us and then how they interplay to affect our wellbeing.

Earth element is our stability and grounding, Water element connects to flow and movement,

Air element helps us breathe and expand and Fire is transformation.  Ether is the subtle encasing of all.

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 7.30-8.15am Morning Meditation  

(yoga breathing-pranayama & mindfulness)

 11-12pm Yoga Flow Class

(join the daily open level yoga flow class)

 12.15-12.45 Daily Talk

(based on different talk topics per day to assist in leading more connected lives)

 5.30-6.45pm Evening Yoga

(more gentle than morning practice, still some flow sequences but also restorative stretches)

Talk Topics

  • Are you Happy?

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • Relationship Skills

  • Refining Creativity

  • Exploring Motivation

  • Creating the Life you want

  • Getting better sleep



  Signature Massages 


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 Sunset Horizon Yacht Yoga 


 Snorkelling Tours in House Reef


 Private Yoga/Meditation around the island


 Informative Talks 

  • Marine Life

  • Biodiversity



  • Island Eco Tour

  • Chef's Garden Tour