'Get your weekend off to a flying start with a class with award-winning yoga instructor Mandy Jhamat at 1,000ft. Who would pass up the chance to salute the sun as it rises over London out in the open air on the 72nd floor. Top 15 best present to get your girlfriend or wife'

GQ Magazine

'Yogasphere offers unique weekly yoga classes. Founded by celebrity yoga trainers Mandy Jhamat and Leo Lourdes. Escape your weekly woes at Yogasphere's Urban Ashram- Yoga classes followed by a 3 course brunch are on offer at Buddha Bar, Knightsbridge. Taste their own Yogasphere cocktail made from 130 plants and flowers picked by French monks!'

VOGUE Magazine

'Up at the top here, open to the elements it's like being at the top of a mountain. No wonder they are doing yoga here. Inspiring to the soul, a little bit of the wow! Yoga seems to reflect a growing need to take back control of our lives and refocus. In one place in particular its taking the desire to de-stress the body and mind to whole new heights. This is billed as the highest yoga class in the world. Its at the top of one of Europe tallest buildings London's Shard. But for the trainers, its more than the spectacular view. The idea for the classes came for a yoga retreat in the Himalayas'. 


'Memorable yoga classes with renowned yogis Mandy and Leo from Yogasphere, which runs various yoga classes across London, as well as wellness retreats in far-flung destinations including The Himalayas and Vietnam' 

GRAZIA Magazine

'Mandy Jhamat – One of the UK’s Top Yoga Teachers' 

Marie Claire Magazine

'If you want the wow factor for your bride to be, why not blow the budget with a private-hire yoga session at the Hotel Café Royal in London or The Shard from the team behind Yogasphere. Make a difference every time you downward dog. Not only do you get a sense of wellbeing after your session, but you're also safe in the knowledge that for each client that attends a yoga class they plant 10 trees. All together now, ommmmmmmm.'

Marie Claire Magazine

'The Shard has announced yoga classes 1,016 feet above ground level and, once studios the city over caught wind of it, everybody wants in on the action. If you’re prepared to pay the £40 fee, you’ll get unrivalled views over London stretching as far as Windsor Castle and the Thames Estuary. While you contemplate the view, top instructors from Yogasphere, a company specialising in yoga at beautiful venues, are on hand to help you gain a metaphorically new perspective on city life'. 

The Evening Standard

'Yogasphere's classes are out of this stratosphere! 

Time Out

'Yogasphere, founded by Mandy Jhamat and Leo Lourdes in London, offers a bunch of celebrity-approved classes and retreats in the UK and internationally - including one at the top of The Shard (now that's a view)'

ELLE Magazine

'The ultimate Zen thrill. If a double expresso won't wake you first thing then yoga, 800ft above London will'

The Mail on Sunday 

'Yogasphere, runs classes on the highest accessible point of London’s Shard skyscraper. An urban alternative to soul-searching yoga retreats, perfect for those who think sun salutations work better from a vertiginous vantage point'.

Financial Times 

Yogasphere is in Top 6 unique venue to do yoga in the world. Are you nosy? Even just a little bit? Fancy spying over the whole of London, as far as Windsor Castle and the Thames Estuary, while stretching out your hamstrings? Well, you better leg it over to London Bridge and up, up, up to The View from the Shard for a yoga class 800ft above London. The BEST thing is that on really clear days, you're let loose on the open-air 72nd floor'.

Tatler Magazine  

'Top yoga instructors Mandy and Leo will guide you though an open-level calming yoga class - complete with 360-degree views over the capital. Teachers Mandy and Leo are firm believers that yoga is for everyone. Studies show going to high altitude could lead to weight loss, by spiking your metabolic rate and raising levels of the hormone, leptin (that's the one that makes you feel full)'.

Women's Health Magazine  

'A yoga treat of a lifetime for keen yogi's in need of some pampering and once-in-a lifetime adventure. The hottest name in yoga now'.

Om Yoga Magazine 

'Every Saturday morning, Yogasphere hosts the highest yoga sessions in the world at the View from the Shard. Weather permitting, classes are held on the open-air viewing platform for a sky-high workout and unrivalled city views'.

Harper's Bazaar Magazine 

'Mandy and Leo travelled to over 70 countries across 6 years to select the most stunning, hand picked boutique locations for retreats - from cloud forests to paradise island beaches, to lakes and jungles and stately homes! They are often described as the 'Mr and Mrs Smith' of yoga and wellbeing retreats'.

Yoga Magazine 

'Their stunning international yoga and wellbeing retreats in Bali, Maldives, Thailand and Himalayas, Italy and may other destinations will leave you feeling truly invigorated'

VOGUE Magazine 

'Teachers Leo Lourdes and Mandy Jhamat, founders of Yogasphere, lead us through a calming, gentle practice focusing on breathwork and alignment'

Queen of Retreats 

'Top up your Zen with a yoga session at stylish Buddha Bar, Knightsbridge. Start right with a Yogasphere detox juice to help get the most out of your experience and tuck into a post-yoga three-course wellness brunch'.

'London's best classes with sensational views. Yoga classes at this dynamic London spire for a stunning tableau of the capital'

The Stylist

'London's best rooftop yoga venue. Struggling to find your inner zen whilst cooped up in a sweaty yoga studio? Rooftop yoga offers yogis the chance to breathe in the natural air whilst taking in some impressive views of the London skyline. For those keen for some gravity-defying exercise thrills, the Shard’s sessions allow you to show off your downward dog pose. So get up to one of these rooftops to stretch your horizons in the summer sun and take a fresh look at London’s city life'.

'I have always done yoga but I desired to enhance my experience so I started classes at Yogasphere! Mandy broadcasts a feeling of confident tranquility which spreads through her classes, I am inspired to be as calm and beautiful as she is and I always leave the class feeling relaxed. Apart from yoga for the mind, yoga does so much for the entire body – and I love the results!'


'Mandy and Leo are a partnership that few, if any, can rival. By understanding their client's needs in both body and soul, they create a richer experience that will breathe a new lease of life into even the weariest of people. With disciplined effort, both physical and mental, this couple has breathed new life into an ancient technique'

Brown + Hudson

'Yoga’s all about elevating the mind to a higher plane, but if you truly want to get your om on amongst the clouds, here’s your chance'.

Travel & Leisure Magazine 

'Amazing staff, going extra mile for clients. Class was really good...will definitely come back'.

Sweaty Betty 

'After a relaxing into focusing on our breathing and the gentle background music that filled the room, they expertly guided us through a flowing series of moves, from the ‘downward dog’ to the ‘warrior’ and ‘mountain pose’. I felt completely rejuvenated and ready to take on the day'. 

'Yogasphere brings tenants and visitors a seat in the sky to practice yoga in the sky. With unrivalled 360 degree views over London, it’s a great way to kick start the day'.

The Shard 

'Yogasphere brings you summer sky high yoga, providing fantastic and fully panoramic views from the World famous Shard. Yogasphere allows you to transform your body and mind 800ft above London Bridge in Europe’s tallest building. The class is an hour long and allows 15 minutes and the beginning and end for participants to take in the breath taking views of the surrounding scenery. This is the closest experience to flying over London in a helicopter!'

Macs Magazine 

'If you're looking to elevate your mind, body and senses then Yogasphere has the perfect answer with their exclusive yoga classes located at Level 72 of The Shard – with breathtaking views of the city from Europe's tallest building, this is a fitness class like no other. Instructed by Yogasphere's founding directors Mandy Jhamat and Leo Lourdes, this is quite possibly one of the most unique fitness experiences the city has to offer. Complete with mats, weekly goodie bags and exceptional facilities, Yoga at The Shard should become your favourite Saturday morning ritual'. 

Quintessentially Group 

'Thank you again for the outstanding seminar talk you gave last night at Bank of America Merrill Lynch – we appreciate all the work you put into the presentation, meeting us in the months leading up to the event, the invaluable information you shared with our colleagues, the humorous/entertaining delivery, and overall value add. Alongside the 70 executives that attended, we also had people dialling in from New York, Zurich and Mexico City too to hear your talk! They found the talk fascinating and it reminded our employees to bring their whole self into every challenge'.  

Kavita Ramdya, Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch 

'I have booked the yoga at the Shard and am counting down the days for this amazing experience. I found out about Leo after a recommendation from a friend who started doing the classes in the past 6 months. I ran the London Marathon in April and after such an exhausting experience I feel the need for getting in touch with my breathing, heart and soul, I have done yoga before and have thoroughly missed it while I was solely dedicating my time for the marathon training. Namaste!'

Christine De Paula, American Express

'The Prime Minister's celebrity trainer launches 'Netflix for Fitness. The channel offers live and on-demand classes with Mr Roberts himself, as well as trainers from global yoga chain Yogasphere, the England Rugby team’s sports nutritionist Matt Lovell'.

The Telegraph

'A quite simply breath-taking place to experience yoga. If this doesn’t make you feel connected to the universe in a different spiritual way then possibly nothing will. Participants are practically in the clouds as the class takes place in Europe’s tallest building '.


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