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I just wanted to reach out and thank you for my week here in The Maldives. it's been amazing and I've enjoyed the yoga so much. I'm a beginner and am inspired to continue. Thanks again for a transformative week. Leo you're the best'

Elle Macpherson, supermodel

'Yogasphere what a great name!

Oprah WInfrey

'My first ever yoga retreat and what an amazing experience! The whole package was faultless - great teachers, great group, breathtaking location, luxury accommodation and delicious food. I left feeling relaxed, recharged and happy. Thank you Yogasphere!'.

Quynh Mac 


'Leo and Mandy are fantastic teachers. I very much enjoy the classes they offer and their approach to teaching which has helped me to take a different approach to my practice after many years. I like the website and the new app and find the booking process very easy to use. I am hoping that some time in the future I will be able to go on one of the amazing yoga holidays that they offer. Thank you to all of Yogasphere for the great service'.

Caroline Wickenden 


'The yoga retreat was a really fun, insightful and relaxing experience. I had only been practising Yoga for a short time before going on the retreat and would definitely recommend it to newbies. The classes were easy to follow, but also physically and mentally challenging, which led to a better understanding of how Yoga can enrich my life. The location in Thailand was a beautiful place to unwind, and explore the beaches and local area. Mandy and Leo did a great job of making us feel at ease, able to open our minds and take away life-long lessons'.

Sandra Lamaro


'The opportunity to be quite literally on top of the world, looking out over London, practising yoga is an awe-inspiring experience.'.

Celia Learmonth

'Flexibility of cancellation up to 24hrs before class with no charge, easy online booking system, friendly instructors (Leo, Mandy, Olivia), great locations, lots of choice of times/days for classes, varied classes - not the same every week'.

Natalia Lim


'Doing yoga with Leo has deepened and strengthened my love for yoga. I have pursued this journey and become reconnected with my core. Leo's outlook to life is driven by love - thanks again for the great lessons in yoga philosophy, self-observation and awareness!'

Nav Kumari, Brand Director Geneva + Singapore


'Mandy truly takes it to the next level in the London-yoga scene. Lovely zen experience to behold in every aspect!'

Zia Flow


'Great locations, very accessible, wherever you are in London. I mean who wouldn't want a yoga session at the top of the Shard?! What an experience! Yogasphere has excellent teachers, with a range of sequences to challenge and relax you. Mandy and Leo are the sweetest, always two smiling and welcoming faces. I feel golden after every single session! Thank you Yogasphere!'.

Diala Lada

'Having only tried The Shard so far I was so impressed with my experience I went and bought a 10 class pack for the other Yogasphere locations across London. I can't wait to try those out and am confident the good vibe of The Shard experience will be repeated at ground level. Seeing all the retreats on offer to such exotic places like Bali I hope one day I can take advantage one of these amazing offers. I will obviously go back to The Shard at some point and bring a friend.'.

Marc McCormick 

'Amazing location for yoga practice. There were other to hand to assist correcting postures and the pace was great. I don't do yoga regularly but the session was within my limits of yoga and really enjoyable. And the views before and after were amazing. We actually had a stand in tutor at The Shard and she was also fantastic. I would recommend this experience to anyone no matter how much yoga experience they have'.

Carly Smith

'I exercise regularly, swimming, running and hitting the gym a few times a week, as good as I feel after it, I can't say I really enjoy every second of it! Yoga on the other hand, I genuinely love every moment in the class, and the feeling I have afterwards, it has been life changing, without a doubt. I actually look forward to my weekly Monday class with Leo; it sets me up for a week of work, whilst making me feel peaceful and balanced and more 'in the moment'. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally. My concentration has greatly improved, as has my creativity and productivity at work. I can't recommend these classes enough. I have already signed up for my next 25 sessions! I love yogasphere. I love the attitude, the location, instructors and I mostly love how it makes me feel.'

Claire Ellis, London


'I had the pleasure of being in Leo's coaching group in February and he helped me with a new concept I was burdened with. Well, a huge thank you is in order! I've successfully launched the new concept into the UK market, making £100,000 in a few months! Leo inspired me to succeed with it for my own purpose and helped me to create and 'visualise' in it being a success!'

Claire Umbers

'Flexibility, wide variety and choice of classes. Excellent practitioners. Monthly membership is great value for money.'.

Claire Wallnutt


'Doing yoga with Yogasphere has helped me become more focused and patient. After a stressful day there is no better way to unwind and re-centre. Physically I am more flexible, my posture is better and I generally feel much better about myself. Mandy is great, she is warm, knowledgeable and inspirational. I admire her zest for life'.

Tarynne Quirk


'Relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable. Mandy and Leo will always make time for you to answer any questions and they work in great spaces. Every cell in your body sings after a session with either of them! I've just tried Yogasphere session on level 68 in the Shard. It's so beautiful and spacious! And they still maintain a togetherness and sense of intimacy - working one-on-one with each person in the class'.

Yasmine Holness-Dove


'I really enjoy yoga classes with Mandy. She is really good at guiding you through the different sequences and poses and allowing you to focus where your mind and your body are at the moment, rather than how you should do a pose. I also enjoy how during the class she talks about life and different situations and how you can consider things from a different point of view with a yogic approach. In this way, she shows how yoga actually is a much more complex and complete way of being, and not just a physical practice. I find the relaxation/meditation part at the end of the class really useful as well because it allows me to release all my thoughts and tensions and worries for a moment and just be. Thanks to this, after Mandy's classes I always feel recharged and relaxed, both physically and mentally, which helps to have a more positive attitude in my life as well'.

Mai Saroh Tassinari


'I just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying these classes, they are absolutely wonderful. I've been taking yoga for many years, and Mandy is one of the best and most informative teachers I have ever had the pleasure of taking a class from. She is fantastic!'.

Madeleine Moule


'My experience of The Shard was the highlight! The underfloor heating and heavenly music made for a very enjoyable, almost surreal interlude given the incredible panorama. All this whilst contemplating my inner self, focusing and indulging in some therapeutic stretches, definitely my best Christmas present this year! I must add, despite probably being your oldest client (!) I'm always made to feel welcome and included, an affinity and sense of belonging which is rather rare these days. The tutors are lovely, helpful and guide when needed'.

June Courtney


'The most amazing venue with unbeatable views across London - and excellent yoga too! First class instructor who catered for all abilities, allowing experience yogis to challenge themselves whilst providing appropriate instruction for the less experienced. The opportunity to enjoy the viewing gallery before it's open to the general public makes the price well worth it. The perfect way to start the weekend. I can't recommend it strongly enough!'

Helen Crofts


'Stepping out of the lift and seeing the rest of the world below me was exciting enough. Damn, that is high. I chose a mat close to the floor to ceiling windows to get the most of the breath-taking views and sat on the floor as Leo started taking us through the postures. As wonderfully distracting as it was see the entirety of the capital city below, as I tried to maintain a one-leg tree pose, it was conversely that insane physical elevation from the rest of London that helped me focus my practice. From the 68th floor that big bad world below looked small. All those nigling doubts and worries that plague you everyday? They also became small. Distant and irrelevant for those 60 precious minutes. Becoming physically detached from the city and all the good and bad that’s associated with the daily grind allowed me to become quickly centred and grounded because I was literally on top of the madness and the chaos. Floating, as calm as the clouds that were hazily and casually passing around us. I was literally soaring as high as the sky, and the feeling didn’t leave me as I sailed back down to earth and carried on with my day, joining the rest of the world at rush hour. They hadn’t noticed I had ever left, but to me, I’d been a world away'.

Jen Grieves


'Mandy is just such an uplifting person; she exudes positivism. Although the classes are at times quite challenging (wouldn’t have it any other way) Mandy’s wittiness makes them an absolute pleasure. I have been to a fair few yoga classes in town, but I prefer from far Yogasphere as there is a certain beautiful lightness about the way yoga is approached. Don’t get me wrong I sweat more than in a sauna but the fact that there isn’t a severe serious tone about what we are all trying to achieve during these classes, makes the ‘je ne sais quoi ‘ of Yogasphere. Concluding, I am not at all a morning person, but I will be there every Tue & Wed from 7:30am - best start of the day you can ever get. Exudes happiness, positivism and energy - all with a good work out and none of the elitist yoga approach :)'

Catarina Alecu


'No criticisms! I am always happy and feeling good after my classes. Mandy and Leo (only teachers I've had so far) have always been helpful and amazing. They describe the poses perfectly and really focused on their pupils'.

Lianna Weidle 


'I enjoy the hard workout and the friendly atmosphere. Both Mandy and Leo are very inspiring and knowledgable teachers taking you step by step through various techniques. Highly recommend it!'.

Pashtrik Hoxha 


'My yoga class at the top of the Shard was the perfect way to start my weekend break in London. The asana practice was well balanced and the tutors pleasant and helpful. The experience is one I would definitely like to repeat if I visit London again.

Thank you Yogasphere. Om shanti'. 

Cindy Welland


'The room was very comfortable and a lovely feel. I liked that it felt more like a 'living room' than the colder gym halls I am used to! My teacher Leo was fantastic'

Nicola Marchant


'The classes are great and the instructors seem very qualified. Booking is easy and prices are reasonable'.

Thais Furtado


'Mandy and Leo are lovely teachers, and teach to the room rather than to their own egos. They offer suitable modifications to poses in order to push and/or support their students. I always leave feeling like I've worked hard, but not been stressed out by it'.

Gemma Gardner


'The location was out of this world (almost literally) being up the shard, what an experience!! The teachers were fab, Leo has a really lovely way of teaching and Mandy just looks fabulous as she takes you through the moves. The goody bag and being able to explore the shard at the end was just the icing on the cake. I felt brilliant after the class. I really hope to join you all for a retreat this year. Thank you'.

Claire James


'I liked the way Yogasphere communicated with us prior to the class we had booked giving full information & a reminder about how & when to get to the Shard - a truly unique venue. The Yogasphere staff were very friendly and welcoming. The teachers of the class were excellent. The goody bag a nice treat.'.

Jo Gunner


'Easy to book, very friendly staff, our yogi is great - makes me feel I can push myself but at the same time take it easy and just evolve'.

Anna Dorywalska


'The booking system is great and I had the best Yoga class last night ever!'

Jason Maldonado


'The personal approach of Mandy and Leo (and the other lecturers), who always maintain a challenging, but at the same time fun and encouraging atmosphere'.

Anita Soomrova


'The teachers are always a good balance of pushing you for you to do your best without pressure if you aren't quite ready to take the next step'.

Melanie McIntosh 


'Olivia who gave the class was really lovely, it was my first experience & she helped me personally even though it was a very large class & i didnt feel pressured or anything like that, and it was a really good workout. Loved it'.

Aileen Ryan 


'I like how many classes you have available every week, so if my timetable changes I can easily change which lesson I go to. The app is also very useful and quick to use! And most importantly the yoga lesson I had with Mandy was wonderful!'.

Roxanna Albayarti  


'The teachers are very good and space is reasonable, nice that the mats are left our for you'.

Catherine Mobley 


'The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, professional and they create an extremely peaceful environment in which you can actually focus on yourself and forget about the world and your problems. Mandy and Leo have taught me through yoga how to cherish and appreciate spiritual things more, how to take time for myself and disconnect also when I'm not in one of their classes. My emotional balance and overall happiness have greatly improved'.

Dana Bozic


'Leo's manner is just so gentle and encouraging - I find his classes the perfect antidote to my usual condition of being highly strung'.

Kate Waller


'Very professional and great yoga experience from start to finish, amazing life memory thank you'.

Laura Richards


'Easy friendly app. Dedicated yoga teachers'.

Paola Ferreira


'The teaching is consistently high quality and the venues used are outstanding. They cater for both nervous beginners to more advanced yoga enthusiasts'.

Vernon James


'I like that I always get just what I need from class, even if I don't know it. I like that there is space to do our own thing. We are not all robots'.

Jean Smith


'Every class has the same flowing but energised commitment to it. However the poses are always unique so that you do not know what to expect , never get bored, and are constantly kept challenged mentally and physically'.

Mary Watkins


'Easy to select, book or cancel a session. Good email reminders in advance. Clean, Friendly and welcoming service at each session 
Classes are varied each week so you don't get bored and you always feel a little more enlightened after each session'.

Michelle Trivilegio



Great teachers - I really like Felicity's class at the Albany Club on Monday evenings. The Albany Club is a nice venue with good, clean changing rooms. Booking through the app is very handy and I appreciate the flexible cancellation policy. I have already recommended Yogasphere to 2 friends who now also come to classes :)

Alice Pollock


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