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SPECTRUM YOGA Workshop at London Design Festival

Saturday 22nd Sept and Sunday 23rd Sept at 3pm



Enjoy the gift of light at The London Design Festival. 


Join our founder Mandy Jhamat for a yoga class formulated using mycoocoon light technology. 


Mandy fuses her meditative experience from ashrams in India into an effervescent experience through the transendental power of colour. Marie Claire Magazine described Mandy as a 'Top Yoga Teacher', and her experiential style allows her students to benefit from a dynamic practice rooted in the richness of mindful movement. Mandy has helped the well-being of over 30,000 yogi's at Yogasphere.


mycoocoon brings wellness to people with an active lifestyle thanks to the energy that colour transmits. Based on chromotherapy mycoocoon combines ancestral beliefs with a cutting-edge technology. mycoocoon Colour Institute App creates your own colour profile based on your natural instinct and determines your energy balance and your colour needs. 





Saturday 22nd Sept 3pm BOOK NOW and Sunday 23rd Sept 3pm BOOK NOW


 Address : The London Design Festival, Colour Energy Hub, 17 Old Nichol Street, London, E2 7HR


Join Yogasphere founder Mandy Jhamat for the return of 'Spectrum yoga', an immersive journey fusing yoga with the power of colour. Formulated with colour expert Pierre Van-Obberghen, this workshop will use the revolutionary, therapeutic, mycoocoon light walls, to bathe you in a 'spectrum' of coloured light healing.

Each 90-min yoga practice will explore evoking, and balancing, emotions with the corresponding colour through the flow of prana in the body. Moving through the colours of the spectrum - from cleansing turquoise and passionate pinks to loving reds and calming blues. The practice includes a meditation to rejuvenate the energetic body, with a 'rainbow' of healing energy.

This workshop will cost £30 and all City members will receive a 10% discount. Spectrum yoga is a part of The COLOUR ENERGY HUB a collaborative, a chromatic project founded on the creation of evocative multi-sensorial experiences. Booking is essential to secure your space, and please ensure to bring a yoga mat on the day.  



Drop in £30


Pod Members 5% off

City Members 10% off

Peak and Sphere Members 20% off

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