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Yoga in The Shard - Level 24

Yoga class with a view! Enjoy yoga with a view of Tower Bridge and the city within the Yogasphere offices on Level 24 of the Shard on weekday evenings and across the weekends. Yoga 24 Classes were launched here - a set sequence of a strong strengthening slow vinyasa class designed by our Founders of 24 peak poses to work body, mind and soul.  Other forms of yoga classes are also available to book This is available currently only as a private event booking and not currently as a public class. Please enquire



Private Yoga in the Shard

Top of the Shard (The View)

  • Exclusive private yoga class for two from £1350 + VAT (optional breakfast/refreshments/champagne)

  • Private corporate hire for a group from £3900 + VAT (optional breakfast/refreshments/champagne)


The Shard Level 24

  • Private corporate hire for a group from £1500 + VAT

  • Private hen group hire from £900 + VAT

Dalai Lama Gyuto Monks of Tibet -Yoga at top of Shard - Level 69 -72

Special Yoga, Chanting and Meditation Charity Event



Join Yogasphere's founders Mandy and Leo who will be joined by their special friends the Gyuto Monks of Tibet for an exclusive Charity Event!


About Gyuto Monks

The Gyuto monks fled the invasion of Tibet with the Dalai Lama. The monks represent the highest yogic skills being able to change their temperature to over 20 degrees through breath control and pranayama. Some of the world’s leading scientists from NASA and MIT have studied the monks and concluded that they can produce the lowest sounds capable of a human being and that within their overtones subtle usually, non-audible vibrations are present.

Magical Chanting

The Gyuto monks chant in a deep harmonic overtone, unique on the planet that has a positive impact on the listener. To be in their presence is to experience pure love and acceptance without judgment. Millions around the world have benefitted from their music and tradition to open the mind and experience a profound and loving heart including over 100,000 revellers at Glastonbury and Royal Albert Hall. The monks have been nominated for a Grammy Award in the past and it is our honour to bring them here to The Urban Mountain, The Shard. 

Yogasphere, The Shard is hosting this special event at The View from The Shard. Alongside a mindful open level yoga, meditation and mindfulness yoga class, the monks will be offering chanting, blessings and a deep connection to the monk's tradition of love and compassion. You will connect to the sacred through the Tibetan chants overlooking London. A one-off event not to be missed! Enjoy the panoramic views over London while practising at 1016 ft (310m).



Set Your Intention

Bring your smartphones to capture the amazing views and mala beads to capture your intention. Yoga mats are provided for your use, but feel free to bring along small towel and water.  No shower facilities on site but private restrooms to get changed. The proceeds from this event go to this charitable cause. Yogasphere will also plant 10 trees per attendee of the event.


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