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Yogasphere plants a new tree every 4 minutes. We plants 10 trees for each client every time you attend a yoga class with us at Yogasphere. We plant 1,000 trees for each client that comes on any of our international retreats. We plant 500 trees per person for our UK weekend breaks. We plant 50 trees per one to one yoga session you do with us. We also plant 50 trees when you get a Yogasphere Eco Yoga Mat. We have done this in with Trees for The Future who run reforestation, sustainability and agroforestry projects around the world in Asia, Africa and South America having planted over 100 million trees already. We also plant trees using drone technology.
Make a difference on and off your yoga mat. Each every time you do yoga with Yogasphere, you can transform the earth we live in and bring freedom to societies that are caught in the vicious cycle of poverty and pollution. More than 75% of mammals rely on trees for a home, sustenance and food. Humans are bonded in a symbiotic relationship with trees. Trees absorb our carbon and provide us with vital oxygen. In fact, more carbon is stored in trees and its roots than the entire atmosphere of the earth. One large tree provides enough oxygen for 4 people. Planting trees can also stop landslides and fallen leaves help enrich the soil, bio mass and micro organisms.
So in our modern world, instead of feeling like you cannot make a difference, be empowered by your yoga practice with Yogasphere to nourish the world we all live in. With every intention of love, pose by pose, class by class we can bring ourselves and the world into more balance. The future does not have to be one where Nature is sidelined or ring fenced while we expand our modern needs. We can live in harmony with Nature. It is only our generation that can make this difference at this crucial point to bring the balance before it tips further out of alignment. 
The world historically has battled over boundaries of land and the consequences are felt by the earth and inherited by future generations. The illusion that nature is separate to us is the problem. However, the skies have no geographical boundaries. We all share One Sun and One Sky. Our goal and san kalpha at Yogasphere is to plant a billion trees. I wants to plant 7 billion trees, as I believe everybody needs a tree, however my team have convinced me that we should start a billion trees at a time! We first shared this idea of yoga and planting trees with Oprah Winfrey, over breakfast after doing yoga in The Himalayas. It was just a seed at that point, however the most amazing synchronous events then took place to make this great initiative take place. 
We have been helping communities around the world plant trees. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and our country programs,  having empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands. Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations.
Help make this happen with Yogasphere! Learn about the earth we all share through watching this documentary. Hear what our clients + the media  have to say.
Leo Lourdes 
Founder, Yogasphere